HI // HOWDY // Hello

Design, Photography, Chocolate, Hair, (yes I just said hair!). This mom of three has many talents and skills, hobbies and interests. 2017 was a year of rediscovery for me. After the birth of my third little boy I knew I wanted to take my design business to the next level and also focus on creating a work life balance that was fulfilling and exciting, not just for me but for my clients too. 

>> So maybe your business is starting to take shape, you are confident in it, but your marketing materials, and brand are lacking the pizazz and excitement your business is built on. When you compare your design to others you can see there is a huge gap. (not that you should compare too much).

>> Maybe you, like me have terrible hair. It was once lush but lacks luster, and won't grow back!!! 

I totally GET it. The first years as a business owner I struggled as a freelance designer (no website, no marking materials, not even a logo for myself, just working for others) until I put my skills to the test and opened my LLC, with branding and identity, and marketing, landing my first client just one day after I put up my website!!! And two weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my third baby.  

I have been in your shoes, I know the power of passion and hobbies, the power of design and marketing, and having my MFA in graphic design and being a mom of three boys has allowed to hone in on what is important, what matters, and how I can help others. 


I had so many clients over the years come to me with question about their business, needing help making flyers, or Facebook ads, all types of marketing materials, and not knowing they were doing a disservice to their brand by not having an identity, or having one that did not follow standard rules of design, and typography. 

Unfortunately anyone with a computer, and access to Adobe programs (or even word eeekkk) can claim they are
a designer. This however does not mean they understand the rules of design. I even run into so called professionals with a BA in design, who do not understand hierarchy, color, and especially typography.    

I am very passionate about what I do, my design process is unique, I have been developing it for over a decade.
I want to install this same passion into YOUR business. I love rules, I love to make them, and I love to break them. (say that to the rhyme of Green Eggs and Ham) As a mom of three amazing boys and having my MFA in graphic design I am able work from home, or travel, with confidence, and excitement. 

I am always creating, be it gourmet chocolate with real Luxardo Maraschino cherries from France, Flathead Cherry Wine, photography, Branding and Identity, healing hair, my heart and my head are happiest when I am creating something that will better the world, even if that is my own immediate family and friends. Though I do hope to make a greater impact in the lives of others.

Having just rebranded myself (good to do every couple of years, or when your business morphs and changes)
I am so glad you have taken the time to invest in your business.